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The Chats have announced their second studio album, ‘Get Fucked’, with the follow-up to their 2020 debut LP ‘High Risk Behaviour’ set to arrive on August 19 via their own Bargain Bin Records.

To coincide with the news, the trio have shared the album’s ripping opening track, ‘6L GTR’, a takedown of rev-head, status symbol drivers inspired by frontman Eamon Sandwith spotting the song’s titular license plate in an airport carpark. “Don’t need a big flash, fancy car / Just need a six-litre GTR,” sings Sandwith on its very catchy refrain.

It arrives alongside an animated video created by Marco Imov that shows cartoon versions of the trio – founding members Sandwith and drummer Matt Boggis along with guitarist Josh Hardy, who joined in 2020 – in pursuit of the song’s titular vehicle. Check that out below:

According to a press release, ‘Get Fucked’ was recorded over the course of six days at Hunting Ground in Brisbane with producer Cody McWaters. “They weren’t like hardcore working days,” Sandwith says of the process.

“We would start at 11 and finish at 4, and in the middle of that we’d go to the pub for lunch for two hours, and have a few beers. Then we’d go, ‘Oh shit, we better go back and do some recording!’ Our work etiquette wasn’t great.”

Of the title, Sandwith elaborated: “We just thought how funny would it be, if you were a kid seeing it on the album cover. I remember going to K-Mart and seeing the Green Day ‘Dookie’ CD, and being like, ‘Aw man, this is the craziest album cover I’ve ever seen!’ Imagine being a kid and just seeing a CD that says, ‘Get Fucked’!”

In a four-star review of ‘High Risk Behaviour’, NME said the album was “bursting with joyous anthems made for sunshine sing-alongs”.

“The sesh has never sounded so good. The Chats don’t so slow songs. They don’t do sad songs. The Chats do good times and this debut is set to inspire plenty.”

The Chats’ ‘Get Fucked’ tracklist is:

1. ‘6L GTR’
2. ‘Struck By Lightning’
3. ‘Boggo Road’
4. ‘Southport Superman’
5. ‘Panic Attack’
6. ‘Ticket Inspector’
7. ‘The Price of Smokes’
8. ‘Dead on Site’
9. ‘Paid Late’
10. ‘I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane’
11. ‘Out on the Street’
12. ‘Emperor of the Beach’
13. ‘Getting Better’

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