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Thom Yorke Trump

Thom Yorke has described Donald Trump and his supporters as being “utterly bereft of moral authority” as the US presidential election results remain on a knife-edge.

Trump is currently losing to his Democratic rival Joe Biden, having secured 213 electoral votes to Biden’s 224 at the time of writing. However, the current POTUS has scooped victory in key states including Texas and Florida.

It is expected that it could take until Friday (November 6) for a final election result to be confirmed.

As the results continue to come in, Radiohead frontman Yorke has today (November 4) taken to Twitter to express his worries for the future in regards to a potential second term of Trump.

He wrote: “I don’t want my kids inheriting a world run by flag waving facebook tin pot dictators, utterly bereft of moral authority, while they watch 200 mile winds pick up and blow their lives away like the Wizard of Oz, having internalized this force fed sense of powerlessness. just sayin.”

You can see the post above.

Last November, Yorke claimed that Trump would be “gone soon”. “He’s going to be history,” he said. “The real question is why we keep producing people like Trump.”

The musician also mocked Trump’s approval ratings as the president made a controversial visit to the UK last summer.

Meanwhile, the likes of Cardi B and Halsey have responded to Trump prematurely declaring victory over Biden. “Trump is basically just skewing logic anyway he can at this point,” the latter wrote on Twitter.

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