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Dune star Timothée Chalamet may have once operated a YouTube channel dedicated to modding Xbox 360 controllers, according to an in-depth investigation published today (October 27).

According to long-running fan theories and an investigation by Motherboard, Timothée Chalamet may have once spent his free time modding Xbox 360 controllers and spotlighting them on a YouTube channel called ModdedController360.


Many fans point to this video – visible above – as proof that Chalamet used to mod and sell Xbox 360 controllers through the channel. While no face is visible, several other pieces of alleged evidence – including the creator’s voice certainly sounding like a younger Chalamet – suggest that Chalamet was in front of the camera showing off controller mods in 2010.

As an investigation conducted by Motherboard shares, the background of each video seems to match up with a photo that Chalamet himself posted on Instagram. Close ups frames from ModdedController360’s videos seem to match certain pieces of furniture visible in Chalamet’s photo, including what looks to be the exact same computer chair, red rug, bean bag and carpet.

Another piece of supposed evidence lies in Chalamet’s hands, as a particular scar is visible on the same finger of both Chalamet and the mysterious ModdedController360.

Speaking to Motherboard, Aric Toler – an investigator at Bellingcat, which has looked into everything from climate change to war crimes – agreed that Chalamet seemed to be the one on camera in ModdedController360 videos.

After reviewing the alleged evidence, Toler concluded that it “seems like it’s him” and agreed that the background in the video certainly seemed to line up with the image that Chalamet had posted.

In other news, Activision has promised that Call Of Duty: Vanguard will take up much less space compared to previous Call Of Duty games, with new technology “expected to save up to 30 per cent – 50 per cent on next-gen console and PC hard drive disk space”.

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