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Vin Diesel has suggested that Tom Hanks foreshadowed his roles in Bloodshot and Riddick.

The action film hero was speaking to NME about filming his most memorable scenes, one of which included 1998’s Saving Private Ryan with Hanks.

Recalling wrapping the shoot where his character, Private Caparzo, is shot by a sniper, Diesel said he returned to his trailer to find a message of praise left inside by Hanks.

“The best thing I remember about that day is when I came back to my trailer, there was a note – a card – written by Tom Hanks. And he said, ‘I’m you biggest fan. It was amazing what you did. How did you get your eyes to change colour?’

Vin Diesel in ‘Bloodshot’. Credit: Sony

“This is before I ever did Bloodshot where my eyes are red. It’s strange, ominous, and definitely before Riddick’s eyes were ever blue,” Diesel added.

“He was obviously talking about something else, but he said, ‘Brilliant. How did you get your eyes to change colour?'”

Elsewhere in the video interview, Diesel spoke about the psycho killer murder scene in Bloodshot and, among others, Paul Walker’s last ride in Fast & Furious 7.

For the latter, Diesel reflected on the importance of Walker’s final scene, which sees a flashback montage honouring Walker’s character.

“We were able to do something so beautiful and so classy,” Diesel continued, addressing the fact that the film was released two years after Walker died in a car crash. “It might be the best moment in cinematic history. Not just my career but in cinematic history.”

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