Ex-TNT singer Tony Harnell, who has been in and out of the group several times throughout its four-decade existence, has told That Metal Interview that he still keeps in touch with his former bandmates. "[Guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø and I] just spoke the other day," he said. "So, yeah, we're gonna be old together someplace on the planet. We're brothers for life, and I expect that we will do some more music together at some point soon." Asked if there is any chance of him making another studio album with TNT at some point in the future, Harnell said: "Yeah, I think there is hope for that. And Ronni and I have always also wanted to do music together outside of that, so I think both things are possible. It just depends on… Right now, we're trying to make some early, very tentative plans, but it's very hard with COVID going on at the moment." Tony also talked about the regrets he has about how he and the other members of TNT handled their success back in the late 1980s and whether he wishes they could have done things differently. He said: "Oh, gosh, yeah. We made a lot of terrible decisions along the way, like most young musicians do. I think probably the main thing, if I were to talk to a young musician today, I'd have quite a lot to say, but I think the main thing would be, 'Just stay focused on the business as much as the music and the creative part.' We had people, of course — top-notch people — working with us, but we put a lot of faith in them and put a little too much faith in a lot of people. And I think that had we been a little bit more on top of that, things would have gone quite differently for us. But I think we were having a lot of fun, and I think we were really focused on the music. So, for the most part, I don't look back. I mean, I can clearly see things that we did that, had we done 'em differently, could have changed the course of our career, but I don't sit and dwell on those things and get upset about it. It's not worth it. But I'm really proud of what we did." Harnell's most recent split with TNT took place in October 2017, less than a year and a half after he rejoined the group. He later described his relationship with TNT in an "Unphiltered" interview as "a very long marriage. I'm here [in New York], they're there [in Norway] — they're across the pond really far away. It's a very difficult situation to be in without having a very unified business organization, and no matter what I did, I could not get the thing unified. We were just on two totally separate not only continents physically, but mentally, psychologically, we were on two different continents as well." Harnell said that he "really, really wanted" his latest collaboration with TNT to work out. "In my opinion, this was gonna be it — we were gonna stay together until I didn't feel like singing anymore," he said. 'I was gonna do other things and do other projects and so forth, but my goal was that TNT woud be my band for at least another five years, maybe 10 years or whatever, until it ran its course. So this was kind of an unexpected thing." In a 2019 interview with "80's Glam Metalcast", Le Tekrø said that he was still on good terms with Harnell. "Definitely," he said. "We talk regularly and we're even discussing making a kind of Page/Plant album, a Harnell/Le Tekrø album, which could maybe lead into something in the future. But I think me and Tony Harnell — I'm speaking not on behalf of him, but on behalf of myself — we need a different playground to do more extensive hard rock with other ideas, whereas TNT is more limited to a [specific] sound. You see what I mean? So, we're definitely buddies, and that will last forever. We don't hate each other, and we never did. That was never the [case]." TNT's latest studio album, "XIII", came out in June 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. The band's thirteenth LP was TNT's first to feature new vocalist Baol Bardot Bulsara, who replaced Harnell. Baol is a Spanish singer whose debut with TNT happened in front of 8,000 fans in November 2017 when the band opened for German hard rock legends the SCORPIONS in Oslo, Norway.

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