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Top Gear now has a new show all about video games called the Top Gear Gaming Show, which will be airing every Friday for ten weeks.

The show is hosted by Outside Xbox’s Mike Channell and presenter Julia Hardy, and aims to celebrate “the glorious union between cars and games”. Each episode will feature a guest to be a ‘Star in a Reasonably Still Car’, who will complete a virtual lap of the Top Gear test track.

Top Gear wrote in a blog post: “If you’re both a car fanatic and a gamer, you’ll know that driving games allow you to live out your most lavish automotive fantasies: winning the Monaco Grand Prix, collecting an R32 Skyline in every factory colour or simply driving a Bugatti Chiron without having to raffle off a major organ.”

The first episode includes special guest Gav Murphy, and challenges him and Channell to drive a black cab from Buckingham Palace to Brixton in Watch Dogs: Legion, with the winner racking up the smallest fare.

There was also an interview with Sean Crooks, lead producer on Watch Dogs: Legion, all about how the team at Ubisoft brought London to life and endeavoured to make it as accurate as possible.

The show will be airing every Friday for the next ten weeks on the Top Gear Facebook page, with more guests and interviews as well.

In other news, Death Stranding Director’s Cut had a new trailer at Sony’s State of Play presentation yesterday (June 8). This confirmed the game’s release date as September 24, whilst showing off the game’s extra content.

Players can expect new story missions, extra weapons, improved melee combat, a firing range and even a racetrack feature as well when the game launches.

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