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tripleS EVOLution have released their debut album ‘⟡(Mujuk)’ and shared the music video for the title track ‘Invincible’.

The group are the latest unit from the tripleS collective to release material, with its members voted for by fans.

In the video for ‘Invincible’, the eight-member EVOLution search a school building at night where they find diamonds under desks, in vending machines and in the corridors of the unlit institution. As they gather around a table lit with candles later, they sing: “Shine the light forever / Even in the dark I’m confident, yeah / Do I look cool? Inside I’m fire / Bling bling.

‘⟡(Mujuk)’ is EVOLution’s first album and features eight tracks, including ‘Invincible’. Modhaus founder Jaden Jeong has lyric-writing credits across the title track, ‘Heavy Metal Wings’ and ‘Moto Princess’.

EVOLution is comprised of members JiWoo, ChaeYeon, YooYeon, SooMin, NaKyoung, Kotone, YeonJi and Mayu.

The group’s debut follows the arrival of another unit in the tripleS world in August. tripleS LOVElution shared their debut album ‘ↀ(Muhan)’ ahead of embarking on their first North American tour in September. Those dates are still ongoing and will wrap up in Los Angeles on October 14.

In a five-star review of ‘ↀ(Muhan)’, NME wrote: “Despite the ever-transforming kaleidoscope of sounds played with in LOVElution’s ‘ↀ’, the mini-album dances on the boundary of innovation and cohesion, once again renewing interest in the still-growing girl group. As tripleS continue to expand their universe, this record acts as an entrancing portal inviting you into their limitless future.”

Previously, other units from tripleS also made their debut, including Acid Angel From Asia, +(KR)ystal Eyes and Acid Eyes. Last year, Jeong explained the idea behind the ever-evolving collective to NME, saying: “We built this band with the intention of having many types of sub-unit and to make many different types of music, but with the fans’ participation and decisions.”

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