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Green Day

Green Day fans have being mocking Donald Trump‘s supporters on TikTok after they used ‘American Idiot’ to soundtrack their videos.

In a series of clips shared on the site, pro-Trump TikTok users have been using the band’s 2004 anti-Bush anthem in an attempt to hit out at liberals.

One video from user Candace Kettlehut, for instance, sees her interpreting the line “one nation controlled by the media” to be referring to the likes of the New York Times and CNN.

And as the song hits the chorus, one word pointedly appears on the screen: “Socialism.”

“Green Day knew it all along, since 2004!” Kettlehut captioned her video.

But TikTok users have rightly pointed out that her bizarre take couldn’t be further from the truth. The band were staunch critics of George W. Bush and released the song as a critique of the Republican president and their shame at the Iraq War.


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♬ American Idiot – Green Day

As for Trump, the band have frequently criticised the outgoing president – and recently attacked his inability to concede defeat to Joe Biden.

“I think it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave, but he’s holding half of the country hostage,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told NME last year.

“I can’t figure out which side – whether it’s the people that support him or the people that hate him? It’s a waiting game at this point to get him out, then the temperature will lower a little bit more.”

Trump will leave the White House for the final time this morning (January 20) ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States.

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