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South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have revealed details of their upcoming film plans, with the first set to be released November 25.

Back in August, the pair signed a deal with Comedy Central which renewed the show through to season 30 and ordered 14 made-for-TV films for US streaming service Paramount+.

The first film, titled ‘South Park: Post Covid’, has been teased in a new trailer, and will see Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny attempt to re-adjust back to normal society.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Parker said: “It’s the boys dealing with a post-COVID world. They’re just trying to get back to normal. So, it is like our show. We’re just trying to get back to normal.”

A second hour-long made-for-TV film will arrive in December, with each described as “big” but “not quite movie scale”. The duo plans to release two made-for-TV films every year for Paramount+.

Teasing future storylines, Stone said: “We’re at where a lot of people are at, which is the future kind of sucks.

“We would like to get back to where each week we can do something totally different. We tried to experiment with serialisation. That had mixed results. And the past five or six years have been dominated by Trump, being political and the tonal change of society. And then the pandemic. We don’t want everything to be about the pandemic, but that is what is going on.”

He added: “We are kind of trapped talking about larger issues. As far as the pandemic, we all are going through something. So maybe with this new setup, we can kind of do both. We can go do our quick series pop songs, but also our movies of the week.”

Created in 1997, South Park has become one of the most successful animated shows of all time, running for 23 seasons in total so far.

Two South Park specials were released over the course of the pandemic, titled ‘The Pandemic Special’ and ‘South ParQ Vaccination Special’, with the former nominated for Outstanding Animated Program at the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards.

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