What Lies in the Multiverse

Untold Tales has released a new What Lies In The Multiverse trailer, which shows why the cutesy pixel game has a mature rating.

What Lies in the Multiverse is a 2D puzzle platformer about worlds turned inside out. Players can shift dimensions at the push of a button, solve riddles, and race through the multiverse in a “bleakly hilarious” story.

The “Pixel Red Band Trailer” shows precisely why the pixel game is rated mature by demonstrating the use of its language, violence, and dark themes. Despite its lovely aesthetic, several cutscenes play out to show that it’s not exactly what it appears to be. At one point, the trailer shows a character pointing a shotgun at the playable character while another kicks him to the ground.

You can check out the What Lies in the Multiverse – Pixel Red Band Trailer below:

On what potential players can expect from the game, the synopsis reads:

“When a gifted boy (known only as The Kid) is zapped into a totally new universe, he encounters Everett – a sarcastic, eccentric, and mysterious scientist with the power to shift dimensions. Bonded with a dangerous mutual curiosity for parallel worlds, they embark on an investigation into the unknown.”

What Lies In The Multiverse is set to launch on March 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Fans can now wishlist the game on Steam and test the platformer out with a new demo that is still available.

Untold Tales is an indie game publisher best-known for publishing games such as Arise: A Simple Story, Aspire: Ina’s Tale, The Hong Kong Massacre, Beautiful Desolation, and Golf Club: Wasteland.

In other news, Smilegate has confirmed it will add more classes to its MMO Lost Ark over time, although players should expect a roadmap first.

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