Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched last week (October 20), and some keen fans have already completed the game. Yet many have found more questions than answers at the end, as two post-credits scenes seem to set up yet another adventure in Insomniac Games‘ universe. In particular, many players have been asking “Who is Cindy?” – the mysterious character introduced to Miles Morales in the game’s closing scene.

Below, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Cindy and both of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s post-credits scenes. If you’re yet to complete the game, be warned – this article contains spoilers for several characters and the ending for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Who is Cindy Moon in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? 

In the final post-credits scene, Miles Morales is at home preparing for a dinner party with his mother, Rio, and girlfriend Hailey Cooper. While Rio gets dinner ready, Morales takes Cooper to look at the college application he’s been working on for the duration of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Just as the two are about to kiss, there’s a knock at the door. Rio’s date, Albert Moon, arrives – and after a slow camera pan, it’s revealed that he’s brought his daughter Cindy Moon with him.

While Albert isn’t a very significant character, Cindy Moon is best known to comic book fans as Silk – a vigilante who gained web-slinging powers of her own after being bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker. In the comics, Cindy was locked in a bunker for years before teaming up with Parker, and as with her portrayal in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, struggles with anxiety.

In terms of abilities, Silk shares many powers with Morales and Parker, such as enhanced reflexes, strength and wall-crawling. Unlike the other two, however, Silk can create organic webbing, rather than rely on cartridges.

As for what this means for Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series, it’s possible that Cindy Moon will be given her own standalone spin-off in the same vein as 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Whether she’ll be playable or a supporting character remains to be seen though, and it’s unclear if Cindy has any powers of her own just yet.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Games.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Games.

What’s Norman Osborn planning?

At the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn is left in a coma after being taken over by the Venom symbiote. While doctors are pessimistic about his recovery, his father Norman Osborn calls for the use of G-serum – a formula responsible for Norman’s transition into infamous superhero Green Goblin in the comic books.

Norman’s future as the Green Goblin is again teased after the credits, in a scene where he visits the original Marvel’s Spider-Man villain Doctor Octavius – also known as Doctor Octopus. Norman believes Spider-Man is responsible for Harry’s coma, and wants to get the vigilante’s identity from Octavius. Octavius has plans of his own though, and teases an ominous “final chapter” before the scene fades to black.

It seems the pair will settle their differences and team up to wreak havoc on New York, although their exact plans remain a mystery. However, it seems near-certain that Norman will soon take up the mantle of Green Goblin, a super-powered villain who was played by Willem Defoe in live-action Spider-Man films.

While that’s all we know about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s post-credits scenes, if you’re planning on returning to New York after rolling credits, check out our guides on the best skills, suit tech upgrades, and gadgets to unlock.

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