b.i 4 letters pre release single

B.I has released a new single titled ‘4 Letters’ featuring Filipino-Australian singer James Reid.

The release is accompanied by a visualiser resembling pages of love letters with the lyrics to ‘4 Letters’ fading in and out of view. “Darling, don’t cry / It’s only goodbye, it happens sometimes / Don’t be fooled just cause  Love is four letters / Don’t mean it’s forever / Don’t mean it’s forever no,” he sings in the chorus.

‘4 Letters’ is a track from B.I’s upcoming album ‘Love or Loved Pt.2’, due out on November 10. The upcoming record is the second half of his two-part global album project ‘Love or Loved’, the first half of which arrived in November 2022.

Back in June, B.I released his second studio album ‘To Die For’, which included the singles ‘Dare to Love’ featuring BIG Naughty and ‘Die for Love’ featuring Jessi. In a four-star review of the record, NME’s Tanu I. Raj wrote: “As he brings his exploration of love to completion, he’s more confident, intentional and purposeful than ever.”

In an interview with NME, the singer shared that “‘Love or Loved, Pt. 1’ is about, literally, love. It wants to convey a lot of different forms of love,” adding that the upcoming ‘Pt.2’ “is going to have ‘loved’ [more], and be filled with sad songs.”

B.I is currently on his ‘Love or Die’ Europe tour, which kicked off earlier this month in the Netherlands, and will continue into October. The singer soon be performing in cities in Sweden, Germany, the UK and more.

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