Ashkan Safapour interview

ashkan safapour

Ashkan Safapour : “I prefer the original music. Fans pay to hear and watch our music” Satura has recently drawn attention big time. here we talked to the band’s leader, composer and guitar player, Ashkan Safapour. Click here to read the interview in Farsi

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Pouyan Madadi Interview

“Doing covers is not always bad” we talked to Pouyan Madadi , 5grs leader, about his work and its ups and downs. 5grs was formed 14 years ago and the current members are: Pouyan Madadi on guitar, Yashar Mojtahed Zadeh on drums, Aiden Hasanzadeh on guitar and Mohammad halaji...

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Empyrium interview


Empyrium is a German symphonic folk/doom metal and neofolk/dark folk band. It was founded in 1994 by Markus Stock and Andreas Bach, but later many other participated. Empyrium draws inspiration from nature. We had a little chat with Markus before Empyrium’s reunion with their fans in Istanbul, Turkey September...

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Suburbian Rex interview

suburbian rex

interview with Suburbian Rex Anton, Ivo & Julian comprise Suburbian Rex – a Germany based rock trio. Founded in 2015. the band first focused on preparing a smashing live show and hit the stage in march 2016 for the first time. Since then they played about 100 gigs all...

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