B.I has opened up about his first time meeting Epik High rapper Tablo and their subsequent friendship.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the musician sat to shared a couple of his “firsts” with the outlet. In one question about his first time feeling starstruck, B.I named Tablo from K-hip-hop trio Epik High.

The former iKON member first reminisced about the moment the two rappers had first met. “When we first met, I was so happy because I’ve always been a fan,” B.I said. “I’ve always appreciated Epik High’s music, especially their lyrics. So even now, I find inspiration from them”.

B.I then expanded on his current dynamic with Tablo, expressing his gratitude for the veteran rapper’s friendship. “He takes such good care of me,” he said. The singer also shared that Tablo had texted him the day of the interview, asking: “‘How are you doing? Are you having fun?'”

“He always looks after me and worries after me, I always want to express my gratitude to him. Thank you, brother,” B.I said, ending with a note asking fans to check out Epik High’s music on Spotify.

Earlier this year, B.I released his debut solo full-length album ‘Waterfall’, which featured an appearance from Tablo on the track ‘Stay’. The record, which received four stars in a review from NME‘s Ruby C, also included ‘Daydream’ with fellow ex-YG Entertainment artists Lee Hi.

B.I was recently sentenced to four years of probation for his alleged purchase of marijuana and LSD in 2016. He was also ordered to complete 80 hours of community service and 40 hours of drug treatment sessions by the court, along with a fine of ₩1.5 million (about £920).

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