Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Escape From Tarkov has started using volunteers from the game’s community to crack down on cheating in the first-person shooter, with the programme reportedly opening as a “huge success” so far.

The anti-cheat initiative was announced by content creator Trey24K, who announced that Battlestate Games has given him the “green light” to announce the ‘Community Driven Anti-Cheat’ Discord.

While Tarkov players currently have the option of reporting suspected cheaters in the death screen or through the launcher, Trey24K claims that the game’s server and engine issues mean that there are a lot of incorrect reports sent to developer Battlestate Games.

With Community Driven Anti-Cheat, players will be able to use this Discord server to submit a ticket to report a potential cheater, which requires a clip of their suspicious activity along with their username and Raid ID.

“A group of vetted volunteers with a combined hundreds of thousands of hours in Tarkov will approve the clip to filter out clips of desync, bugs, and other nonsense,” explains Trey24K in the below video.

“After the clip is processed and double-checked by another team, it will get sent to a dedicated team at Battlestate Games that will conduct a manual review of the account and all relevant information to carry out a manual ban,” the YouTuber continued, adding that data between tickets would be cross-referenced “to crack down [on] the actual cheat methods themselves.”

Since launching yesterday (February 16), Trey24K has claimed it has been a “huge success so far” and addressed concerns related to false positive reports. “Many are concerned that people will be banned due to videos of desync,” Trey tweeted. “Please note that nobody will be banned due to the contents of any video alone.”

However, some of the Tarkov community have labelled it a “step in the wrong direction” as they believe the initiative takes the pressure off Battlestate Games to improve its preventative anti-cheat methods.

Back in 2021, we conducted an investigation into Escape From Tarkov‘s cheating problem to learn what makes hacking so prevalent and found that it’s a lucrative industry for those willing to cheat.

In other gaming news, Ubisoft has revealed the reason behind its latest string of game cancellations and delays.

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