FIFA 23 is finally here, and brings with it a bunch of new features that change everything from dribbling to shooting. Strangely, this is actually the last EA-partnered FIFA game we’ll be getting, unless a new deal is struck that is. It seems that the long-running football series intends to go out with a bang by adding in true next-gen features that should help elevate gameplay.

And with all of the new changes and features added to FIFA 23, it’s once again time to readjust and get some practice in. Even if you’re an absolute FIFA legend, each new game is different enough that you’ll need to learn the ropes again, as staples like penalties and corners have all changed once again.

To help you get back into the swing of things, we’ve put together five key tips for getting better at FIFA 23. There’s advice to help you improve your dribbling, get the hang of the pace of next-gen gameplay, and more. Here are five FIFA 23 tips to help you get better at the game.

Set your Formations and Tactics

FIFA 23. Credit: EA.
FIFA 23. Credit: EA.

Whether you’re playing in Career Mode or Ultimate Team, Formations and Tactics are extremely important. Even if you’d rather keep things as casual as possible, we recommend setting up the four default tactics assigned to the left and right buttons on the d-pad. Keep Ultra Defence as an option for when you’re ahead, and Ultra Attacking for an aggressive surge in the final 10 minutes of play (if you’re losing).

Defensive and Attacking should be used to probe the other team. If they are winning the ball and constantly making runs, use defending. If they seem to have a wall at the back, go for attacking. In terms of Formations, it’s best to have a quick look on YouTube for what other players are using. Putting in this small commitment at the start of your FIFA 23 career will seriously pay off in the future.

Keep your back line in shape

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.
‘FIFA 23’. CREDIT: EA Sports.

Defending has been tweaked for FIFA 23, and is more important than ever as a result. As such, you will need to manually control your defenders, and that can lead to all kinds of issues. The key thing to keep in mind at all times is the shape of your back line.

Don’t use you defenders to tackle unless necessary. Instead, use your midfielders to go in more aggressively, keeping your back line intact. It’s when you start pulling defenders out of position that you create space for your opponent. Hold strong, slow down and wait for them to make the first move. Nine times out of ten, holding your line in shape is the right choice while an attacking player is running in.

Protect the ball

FIFA 23 banned russian teams
FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

You’ll be taught how to shield and protect the ball early on in FIFA 23, but many forget it as they move forward. Hold LT/L2 to hunch over the ball and keep your back to defenders. This is especially useful as a first touch, and when winning the ball from the air. Even tapping shield for a second will often bring it closer to your player, making it easier to hold onto.

Protecting the ball also applies to possession in general. If you’re losing, have a look at your possession stats. Chances are, you’re losing the ball a lot in midfield. Slow down, breath, and make some passes to get this stat up. You’ll find that by holding the ball, you’ll naturally find chances at goal, as your players make runs and your opponent gets increasingly wild with their tackling.


Training is key

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.
FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

When playing in Career Mode you will want to make the most out of Training days. When you first train, you will have a blank score and grade. Simulating at this point will give you the worst possible grade and scoring, making it pretty pointless. What you’ll want to do is take on each training drill at least once. You can aim for grade B or higher as you work through them.

After a while, you will find that the drills available to you already have decent scores and grades on them. Simulating now gives you these much better grades, increasing player sharpness. This can make a real difference, and for a fairly small time investment. Drill scores also carry over between seasons.

Make the most of set-pieces

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.

Set-pieces have changed drastically in FIFA 23, and in pour opinion, you’ll need to take greater care when executing corners, and free kicks. Free kicks are particularly tricky to score this year, as the controls have been simplified, and your shot options narrowed. Instead, take the short pass, and rely on crossing to score a goal. With corners, calling in a second player is your best bet.

Penalties are another story altogether. You literally cannot miss, so just concentrate on hitting your shot when the reticule is green. Aim wherever you’d like. Just like in real life, a lot of it simply comes down to luck.

There’s our tips on getting better at FIFA 23. For more on the game, be sure to check out our four star review of the game. 

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