In a new interview with Metal Global, Gary Holt discussed the fact that EXODUS is composed of members with different political ideologies. "We're in one of the last of a dying breed — opposite ends of the political spectrum that still love each other and get along," he said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). "If the whole world could be more like EXODUS, we'd be a lot better off. [Laughs] "Three-fifths of EXODUS are conservatives and two-fifths are liberal, with one of them — me — being kind of a centrist; I'm kind of in the middle," he continued. "And we're still just brothers for life. "You don't argue politics and religion with people you disagree with; that's what they always say. So, as a band, we don't sit on the bus and start arguing about politics. We'd rather talk about UFO versus RAINBOW, which one is better." Back in April 2020, Holt spoke in more detail about the different political opinions within the EXODUS camp, telling the "No Fuckin' Regrets With Robb Flynn" podcast: "Everybody knows I'm liberal on hella shit, but I'm also super conservative on hella shit too. And those are just my own opinions, and I leave them off my [social media] 'cause it starts a huge fight. People are, like, 'Ah, liberal snowflake EXODUS.' And I'm, like, motherfucker, three-fifths of EXODUS are Trump-loving Republicans — the majority of the band. Lee [Altus, guitar], Jack [Gibson, bass] and Zetro [Steve Souza, vocals] — it's full-on." This past fall, Souza defended his past support of Donald Trump, telling Australia's "Scars And Guitars" podcast that "gas has gone up a full dollar since he's gone out of office" and "that nobody" in the current Biden administration is "really doing anything right now. I have not seen our government do anything; they're just sitting back like they always do and just cruise. I thought [former U.S. president Barack] Obama did the same thing. He just got in office and, 'I'm the president.' 'What are you doing today?' 'I'm just being the president. If something comes up, I'll get with it.' But I don't see him getting out there. Fucking Trump, you heard his goddamn name every day, whether you liked it or not. He was trying to close up the borders and build a wall. People didn't like that. "Do you know, when I go to Australia or Mexico, I have to fucking get a visa to come into your countries. Why doesn't anybody have to have a visa to come into my country? That's bullshit. And that's all [Trump] was trying to do. But people [said], 'No, he's a racist, and he doesn't like Latin people.'" Souza went on to say that he wasn't always a dyed-in-the wool Republican. "Through my life — I'm 57 years old — and I've voted Democrat many, many times," he said. "I vote for who the guy I think can do it. And over the last 10 years, I completely went right wing." Three years ago, Souza said that he supported then-President Donald Trump, explaining in an interview: "The economy in the United States… the unemployment is the lowest it's ever been in the history of the United States. I think [Trump] making the attempt to go to meet [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un, I think that's great — that's what you need to do. People need to touch together, not do it through channels." In a 2016 interview, Holt ripped Trump, saying: "You can't believe anything he says, 'cause he's a serial liar… He won't even condemn David Duke's support. He pretended he doesn't know who he is… That was your moment, Donald Trump, to say… you know, to condemn the man, basically, but you pretended you were just ignorant of who he was, 'cause you don't wanna fuck with that vote. There are some fucking hillbillies out there who you want voting for you." Holt went on to say that he was "in many ways a Republican" but that he hadn't been able to find "a candidate up there who wasn't walked around on a leash by the Christian evangelicals, because they're the death of the conservative movement anyway. And if they just stay out of women's wombs and just actually concentrate on running a country and not being beholden to those people, I would vote Republican in a second." Holt added that he had had productive discussions about the political situation with his bandmates. "I know people, including my own bandmembers in EXODUS, who, you might not agree with them, but I'd love to see some uptight, metal-hating, I-know-everything-about-politics dude go up against Jack Gibson in an argument," he said. "It might come to a draw. It's a debate — like, if you disagree with him, you're not gonna win — but he knows his fucking facts. And we're not all idiots. We actually do know what's going on in the world around us." EXODUS's latest album, "Persona Non Grata", was released on November 19 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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