This year’s first Games Done Quick (GDQ) has officially raised its highest all-time record in donations for charity.

The almost £2.5million ($3,416,729 USD) raised will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a US charity that aims to use cancer research and screening to help prevent the disease. The new record amount raised at a GDQ event also came without Twitch bits, subs and sponsors, with around £2.325million ($3,179,822 USD) just from other donations.

According to this Reddit post, this new record total also means that GDQ has now raised almost £25million (over $34million USD) for charities across the globe since it began in 2010.

GDQ director Kasumi “Sumichu” Yogi made the announcement on Twitch, and they initially struggled to get the exact number as donations continued to pile in. “The number keeps going up, but it’s because people are still donating,” they said in this clip.

According to Statista, every event that GDQ has raised money for charity at has seen some form of increase since it started, with the event raising less than 1million dollars in 2014.

Those interested in going back and watching some of the VODs for the speedruns can find a list of them here, with the two-player It Takes Two and blindfolded Sekiro runs recommended.

Another notable run from AGDQ 2022 was the GeoGessr run, where two players successfully pinpointed where they were on a map within 40 minutes. To make it somewhat doable, A Diverse World map was used, which picks from “more than 52,000 hand-picked pinpointable locations” from every country on Google Street View.

Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) will have its dates announced soon and will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

In other news, Konami’s Castlevania NFT collection minted to celebrate the series 35th anniversary has sold for over £115,000.


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