Gene Simmons (KISS) and David Draiman (DISTURBED) are among the musicians who have reacted on social media to the news that Twitter's board has agreed to let Elon Musk buy the social media network for $44 billion. If the deal officially goes through, it will make Musk — the Tesla and SpaceX founder and the world's richest man — the new owner of the social media site that hosts more than 200 million users. Musk, who has called himself a "free speech absolutist," has said that Twitter could champion freedom as a private company. Opponents to the acquisition have theorized that Musk will allow users on the platform to spread misinformation and hate speech under the guise of protecting free speech. While many people are happy that Musk is taking control of another giant company, some are not sure what the deal means for the future of Twitter. Earlier today, after news of the acquisition was made public, Simmons tweeted: "Fantastic news, at the outset. @elonmusk is now the proud owner of @twitter. Free speech, important. But, Hate speech, factual misinformation (lies) should not be part of Free Speech, in my humble opinion. Good luck to Elon." After one fan responded that free speech means "it's either all of it or none of it", Gene fired back: "You're talking out of your ass. You do not have the right to stand up in a movie theater and yell FIRE, just because you feel like it. That's Incitement To Riot. You know that, right?" Draiman, who is of Jewish descent and has spoken out against anti-Semitism for many years, addressed one fan's comment that Musk's purchase of Twitter will result in "even more antisemitism on the platform". David said: "Nothing will improve, but at least things might be a bit more even, hopefully." As for many Trump supporters' belief that Musk will reinstate former U.S. president Donald Trump's Twitter account and let him spew anything he wants to, Draiman said: "I hope he gets its back. Not because I like the guy (because I really don't), but because it's the right thing to do, and his posts were immeasurably entertaining lol." Earlier today, Trump said that he will not be returning to Twitter even if Musk could reinstate his account. Instead, he told Fox News, he using his own Truth Social as the sole platform for his voice.

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