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The creators of cult comedy animation Homestar Runner have shared 180 tracks from the show – stream it below via YouTube.

Spanning three volumes, ‘Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack: Songs, Background Music, Jingles, and Worse’ covers 20 years’ worth of songs throughout the show’s run.

The news was shared via the Twitter account of Homestar Runner character Strong Bad on April 10, as per Nerdist, with the release accompanied by an FAQ in which the creators discuss some of the music’s background.


It was confirmed that, in addition to YouTube, ‘Volume 1’, ‘Volume 2, and ‘Volume 3’ can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL – but not Bandcamp.

“My styles currently aren’t enrolled in Bandcamp for this summer but Strong Sad probably is, that loser,” Strong Bad tweeted to explain. “He goes to Elephant 6 Band Camp, appropriately, where he probably plays a stylophone duct taped to a xylophone.” Stream all three volumes below.

The announcement also stated that more Homestar Runner music compendiums would be on the way. “Never fear if your fav jams aren’t here yet,” Strong Bad added in another tweet.

“There was a 60 track limit per album but we can definitely fill a Volume 4!” The post also confirmed that other characters including Limozeen, Videlectrix, and sloshy will be getting their own releases “soon”.

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