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In a video that premiered yesterday, April 1st, actor Dennis Quaid said that his new podcast The Denissance will be available only on cassette tape. The April Fool’s day prank comes replete with a DeLorean, cheesy ’80s graphics, and a shirtless Quaid listening to his own podcast on a Sony Walkman.

While the video takes some comic liberties with the truth, The Denissance podcast is very much real. Also authentic is the phone number that Quaid provided, along with his entreaty to “Text me right now!” Send an SMS to 512-543-4400, and get an auto-reply asking you to enter your personal information into a database. Once you’ve jumped through all the hoops, The Parent Trap-actor will send you his new podcast on eight convenient cassette tapes. Don’t miss out on this hot new trend (again), and as Quaid says, “Fast forward to the future!” Check out the full podcast ad below.

The Denissance begins on April 8th via Audio Up Media. Quaid’s first guest will be Billy Ray Cyrus.

If you watched the video and thought, “Hmm, that lady who is young enough to be Quaid’s daughter looks familiar,” you’re right! The other Walkman model is 26 year-old student Laura Savoie. The 65-year-old actor recently proposed to Savoie, and the two are now engaged.

In April Fool’s Video, Dennis Quaid Says He’s Releasing New Podcast on Cassette: Watch


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