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Justin Bieber has revealed his top five rappers of all time. The singer, whose latest album ‘Justice’ arrived last week, shared his list while appearing on DJ Khaled‘s The First One podcast.

As XXL reports, Bieber began by acknowledging the can of worms he was potentially opening, saying “You know, when you open this conversation there’s always room for, ‘Aw, he can’t believe this,'”.

“But… I would say, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Eminem, Kanye West and my favourite is Drizzy Drake.”

Bieber name-dropping Drake comes after he appeared in the video for DJ Khaled’s collaboration with the rapper, ‘POPSTAR’.

The clip, which arrived in September of last year, opened with Khaled repeatedly urging Drake to create an accompanying video for the single. The rapper, frustrated, instead calls in a favour from Bieber, who takes his place and raps his lines.

‘Justice’, Bieber’s sixth studio album, dropped last Friday March 19. In a four-star review, NME called it an improvement over last year’s ‘Changes’.

“Armed with a newfound optimism borne from a dark place, he understands he’s better when he’s tapping into his own experiences, projecting relatable human emotion and working out why he’s here.

“With bangers, ballads and heartfelt moments, the hopeless romantic with a penchant for self reflection and tackling world issues is back.”

Over the weekend, Bieber performed album track ‘Hold On’ live for the first time while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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