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Swedish House Mafia have teamed up with rising composer Jacob Mühlrad for a symphonic reworking of their 2010 single ‘One’ – listen to ‘One Symphony’ below.

Speaking about the new interpretation of their EDM anthem, Swedish House Mafia said: “Having Jacob’s world meet ours has always been on our minds. His interpretation of ‘One’ is absolutely incredible and we are so happy to finally release it to the world.”

Mühlrad added: “I felt very inspired and honored when I received the commission”.

He went on to explain that his starting point for ‘One Symphony’ was “to use the beautiful simplicity of the main melody originally written as a downward scale movement within the interval of a 5th. The 5th is an interval that exists in all musical traditions in the world. I felt an urge to keep trying to keep the gesture both rhythmically and melodically and vary it as much as possible. At some point the music took over my concept and ‘One Symphony’ revealed itself.”

Check out the epic take on the track below:

Swedish House Mafia reunited in 2018 following their split in 2013. Comeback single ‘It Gets Better’ was released in 2021 as was ‘Moth To A Flame’, their collaboration with The Weeknd.

Speaking about the importance of releasing new music, Sebastian Ingrosso told NME: “It was important for us to not just tour the legacy. Of course we’re going to play our old music because we still like it, but we wanted to challenge ourselves, challenge the fans and challenge the sound.

“The reunion was never going to just be a tour because we were so excited about the idea of doing something new.”

Elsewhere in the Big Read interview, Swedish House Mafia discussed the “Scandinavian melodies, dark production and hard sounds” that feature on their forthcoming album ‘Paradise Again’ – due for release this year.

“When Steve [Angello] first said, ‘We need to make an album’, I wanted to jump out the window,” said Ingrosso. “Swedish House Mafia have never made an album before, and historically it takes us a long time to even make a song. We’re really happy with what it’s become, though – we can’t wait to give it to the world.”

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