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Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition

Nioh 2 has been getting mixed reviews on Steam after a release that seems to leave players with framerate issues.

The action game has over 4000 reviews, with over 1,600 of these giving the game a negative rating. Nioh 2 has allegedly been performing badly on PC, and been giving controller pop-ups when using a keyboard and mouse.

Many of the reviews cite Nioh 2 as a good game despite the negative reviews, but the presiding opinion is that the game wasn’t ready for a PC port. One review emphasised that the quality was poor overall. “The quality of the port that they likely going to sale for 1m copies is really really low,” it read. “Hell, even DS1 port given their shoestring budget was not so bad. I could forgive the Nioh 1, but you have a sequel, a working port of a previous game, years of development time, plus a year of preparation for the PC release and here we go”

Another stated “the port really tanks performance,” and many claimed the game needed a patch before it was worth trying on PC. One of the most popular reviews read “Nioh 2 is a good game, but at the moment I just can’t recommend it.”

Even some of the positive reviews have been citing issues, but were trying to prevent ‘review-bombing’ of a game they loved. The Guardian defines review-bombing as “efforts, often co-ordinated, to tank the aggregate scores of a Call of Duty game, say, or an all-female Ghostbusters film by leaving furious, zero-star reviews.”

One such review on the Steam page for Nioh 2 stated they were “Rating up because idiots keep review bombing for no reason.

The port is good enough, but has random framedrops, sometimes dropping from 60 to 10. Its kind of infrequent but I’m sure it will be fixed. The other “complain” is: “BuT IT hAs No KeYbOaRd PrOmPtS”. My answer is: Dark Souls doesn’t either, go leave a bad review there too if this bothers you too much!”

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