PlayStation fans noticed a trailer for a game titled Tuesday Morning was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, but the initial response has been far from positive.

Tuesday Morning appears to be a third-person melee fighting game with a distinctly Japanese influence, and the brief trailer was posted on September 12 to the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

“From self-beating and restlessness, comes misery,” reads the description for Tuesday Morning, “From neglect and abandonment, comes suffering. The promises made now must be fulfilled, overwhelming the unprepared world and its people. It’s time for change.” The post also confirmed the game would be released on PS5 in 2021.

The ‘likes’ to ‘dislikes’ ratio on the video may provide an idea of why comments have been turned off for the Tuesday Morning trailer. An unusual move for PlayStation announcements, which usually encourage fan response, as was the case with this Lost In Random launch trailer.

Undeterred, fans took the discussion to Reddit, where they criticised Tuesday Morning’s sound design, aesthetics, and movement style. “It looks like someone opened Unreal Engine 4,” read one of the comments, “dumped some assets in and made a test arena to test a couple newly made animations. It’s horrible and even if the graphics look bad… The gameplay looks worse.”

“This looks and sounds awful,” another reads, “I mean I will wait for the reviews for a final judgement, but the first impression with this trailer is really, really bad.”

Some even suggested Tuesday Morning was a “bait and switch” for another game announcement, in the hopes that a further reveal may be coming. “There’s some sekiro gameplay vibes going, and a reference to “bringing him back”? Conspiracy theory time.”

Not all of the opinions shared were negative, however, with some claiming Tuesday Morning looked like it had potential. “It looks good, but something about the combat animations feels a little clunky,” reads one such comment, “Just seems like it leaves a bit to be desired in the way it all flows together. This looks like an indie though, and maybe some of those animations will get a little better before launch”

In other gaming news, since being released last Thursday (September 9), Life Is Strange: True Colors has been review bombed due to the inclusion of a Tibetan flag in the game.

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