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No Man’s Sky is getting its next update, titled Sentinel Update, which updates combat, adds in a mech, and more.

The Sentinel Update for No Man’s Sky is a much more combat focused one. It adds in a new Sentinel tool, the Hardframe Battle Mech. On the No Man’s Sky website, the Battle Mech is described as “heavily armoured,” but “its high-powered jetpack gives it terrifying battlefield mobility.

“This fearsome unit is deployed alongside Sentinel forces, and comes equipped with a variety of weapons, including a plasma-powered flamethrower.”

While this mech is designed to keep players in check, players will also be able to work with their own exomechs in a new way. Players will be able to install a Minotaur AI Pilot in their exomech, which will let the mech follow you around while you’re exploring, serving as “a powerful ally in combat.” And mobility in the exomech has been improved too, with a faster turn rate, and a dedicated combat camera.

The multi-tool has been given a visual effects overhaul, including new projectiles and beams, muzzle flashes, lighting effects, refraction, impacts, and more. And combat has been vastly improved, creating a “faster-pace, more varied and dynamic experience.” Camera settings have been changed, sentinel health, Traveller and Sentinal weapon speeds and fire rates have been altered, and hit indicators, rumble, and camera shake have all received tweaks too.

The update for No Man’s Sky also brings in native Steam Deck support, with updated controls to take advantage of the touch screen input.

There’s a huge range of other new features being added in the update too, including a new camouflage ability, teleporting has been improved, better enemy and creature navigation, and many more beyond those.

In other news, Nintendo announced their plans to close the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U online shops in 2023. Both iterations of the eShop will no longer allow you to add funds via a credit card as of May 23, 2022, and you will not be able to add funds via a eShop card as of August 29, 2022. The online stores will be fully shut down late March, 2023.

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