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Frank Turner NOFX

NOFX and Frank Turner will join forces for split album ‘West Coast Vs. Wessex’, which will feature the two artists covering each others’ songs.

The longstanding Los Angeles punks and the British singer-songwriter have shared a track each from the forthcoming split LP, both of which you can hear below.

Turner has taken on NOFX’s 1992 track ‘Bob’, while they have covered his 2006 song ‘Thatcher Fucked The Kids’, with music videos released for both.

The album is out on July 31 via Fat Wreck Records, with the first side featuring NOFX’s covers of Turner, swapping over on the second.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Side 1, NOFX covering Frank Turner
1. Substitute
2. Worse Things Happen At Sea
3. Thatcher Fucked The Kids
4. Ballad Of Me And My Friends
5. Glory Hallelujah

Side 2, Frank Turner covering NOFX
1. Scavenger Type
2. Bob
3. Eat The Meek
4. Perfect Government
5. Falling In Love

The idea was initiated by NOFX’s Fat Mike, who approached Turner about covering each other’s music. “And I shit the bed and said, ‘Fucking of course I do! That sounds incredible,” Turner said.

Says Mike: “I listened to all his records, and I picked the ones that I thought I could make more interesting. What I did is change a lot of chords. Frank, he beats me in the singing department. So I can’t sing better than he can, but I can maybe throw in a melody here or there or chord that he hadn’t thought of.”

Turner, meanwhile, says: “I didn’t want to just do straight covers of anything. I wanted to try and pick songs where I felt like me and my band could bring something different to the table.

“But it did strike me that it would be cool to demonstrate to the casual NOFX fan, who doesn’t know who I am, that I am actually a fan. I didn’t just go to Spotify and pick the five most-listened-to songs.”

It’s not the only Frank Turner release of 2020. In April, he and his band The Sleeping Souls released live album ‘Live In Newcastle’, which followed 2019’s ‘No Man’s Land’.

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