U.K.-based thrash metal veterans ONSLAUGHT have revealed a travelling circus-inspired music video for "Bow Down To The Clowns", the second single from the upcoming "Generation Antichrist" album. Lyrically inspired by society’s tendency to allow itself to be controlled by others, the lip offers a literal depiction of dark clowns with a demonic ringmaster pulling the strings on the whole spectacle. "Distraction and control walk hand in hand in the dark world of clowns," says ONSLAUGHT guitarist and founding member Nige Rockett. "This track tears through the unnerving facade of political deception exposing the ugly truth for all to see. This is angry music for angry people." "It is basically a twisted take on a political travelling rally," says bassist Jeff Williams. "Freak shows and clowns, glaring neon and grim hidden recesses. A carnival of mass distractions to enrage and delight the masses to keep them under control and divided through fear, hate and self-righteous superiority…In our circus, Dumbo would've hit the floor!" "Generation Antichrist" will be issued on August 7 via AFM Records. The long-awaited follow-up to 2013's "VI" was mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (BEHEMOTH, IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH) at Dugout Studios in Uppsala, Sweden. "Generation Antichrist" is the first ONSLAUGHT album to feature new vocalist Dave Garnett, who recently replaced longtime singer Sy Keeler. Rockett commented: "Wow, we're stoked to finally get this new album ready to go. "It's been a huge challenge to get everything finalized in light of recent events around the the world. We've had to bend a few rules and do things in very unconventional ways to make it work, but we got it done. "I gotta say this is one brutal fucking record and could be a real game changer for the future of ONSLAUGHT. It's a very earthy and extremely raw-sounding album. We held back on the technology, with natural drums all round and I think Daniel Bergstrand did an unbelievable job on the mix. "Everyone really stepped up to the plate massively on 'Generation Antichrist', but I have to single out our new vocalist Dave Garnett for smashing the vocals out of the park. It's an unenviable task to follow in the big shoes of Sy Keeler, but he's made this album his own and in his own very cool style, I'm sure he's gonna be hugely popular with the fans." "Generation Antichrist" track listing: 01. Rise To Power 02. Strike Fast Strike Hard 03. Bow Down To The Clowns 04. Generation Antichrist 05. All Seeing Eye 06. Addicted To The Smell Of Death 07. Empires Fall 08. Religiousuicide 09. A Perfect Day To Die Pre-order the album here. ONSLAUGHT announced Keeler's departure in April, explaining in a statement that "some things simply aren't sustainable year after year due to the nature of the modern-day music industry." Back in August 2018, ONSLAUGHT debuted "A Perfect Day To Die" at the Bloodstock Open Air festival at Catton Park, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

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