Palace. Credit: Adrian Lee

Palace have announced a new EP, ‘Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream’, and have shared a new single titled ‘Rabid Dog’.

The single serves as the opening track on the EP. ‘Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream’ follows ‘Part I – When Everything Was Lost’ which was released earlier this year. Speaking of ‘Rabid Dog’ in a press release, frontman Leo Wyndham said: “‘Rabid Dog’ is about realizing that our inner child is always present and part of us. In fact, we are still that person, we’re all just older and the vulnerable child is very much still there.”

‘Part II – Nightmares & Ice Cream’ was produced by Adam Jaffrey (Oh Wonder, Loyle Carner, Lucy Rose) at Unwound Studios. Speaking of the EP, Wyndham said: “’Nightmares & Ice Cream’ is another snapshot of life and moments of the past year.”

He continued: “It’s Part II of the journey, and one that’s felt very significant. It’s a hazy chapter of intense reflection to past events, but also a sort of purgatory where we stumble forward, stunned, trying to find some kind of grip on reality.” The EP is set for release on December 5.

The band currently have three albums under their belt, 2016’s ‘So Long Forever’, 2019’s ‘Life After’ and 2022’s ‘Shoals’.

Speaking about the creation of the latter, Wyndham told NME back in 2021: “As much as I don’t want the album to be about the pandemic, it has really been born from the feeling of being locked away and confrontational with the things you’re not proud of, the part of yourself you don’t like and the things you’d like to change. We’ve ended up with something very layered, deep and intense. I hope that people can connect with it in that sense, with their own experiences of confronting those fears and anxieties.”

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