Developer Lucas Pope has announced that Papers, Please is coming to mobile devices next month.

Pope made the announcement on Twitter yesterday (July 23), simply writing: “”Papers, Please” but small. August 5.”

From the Twitter image, it looks like the mobile version of the game will have both original game modes, Story and Endless. The game is coming to Android, iOS, and both phones and tablets (with the iPad version becoming the iPad and iPhone version for free). There’ll also be mobile achievements too.

According to Pope, this release will be “standalone” and not part of a subscription service like Netflix, which has been offering more and more mobile games as of late.

Some parts of the design of Papers, Please have also been changed to fit the new mobile format, including adjustments to the game’s user interface and minor mechanical changes.

In response to one player on Twitter, Pope said: “Timers are slightly adjusted, yeah. The interface is completely different so there’s only one booth upgrade: rulebook tabs. The only economic rebalance was paying out for entrants processed after 6PM.”

Papers, Please. Credit: Lucas Pope

Pope also responded to another Twitter user saying a VR version of the game is unlikely, and that these mobile ports took them around eight months to develop, with all the content remaining the same, (aside from the aforementioned interface changes).

Papers, Please is a political puzzle game originally released in 2013 and it sees the player called to work at a border checkpoint in the fictional country of Arstotzka, where they must inspect the documents of those crossing the border against the country’s primitive checking systems.

In other news, MultiVersus is set to introduce basketball player LeBron James and cartoon characters Rick & Morty to the fighting game.

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