‘Peaky Blinders’ director teases that final season is coming “sooner than you think”

Peaky Blinders director Anthony Byrne has teased that its final season will arrive “sooner than you think”.

In an Instagram update today (November 20), Byrne published a brief teaser visual of the BBC One series. The clip starts with main star Cillian Murphy walking in an empty street with a large bag in hand. It is then abruptly cut to show the series’ title with an “Early 2022” notice.

“We’re coming for you sooner than you think,” Byrne wrote, before evoking part the show’s signature phrase: “By order of…”

The upcoming sixth season of Peaky Blinders, which premiered in 2013, will be followed by a feature-length film that will wrap up its story. Byrne first joined the production for its fifth season as director.

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight said at a London Film Festival panel last month that the film will mark “the end of the road for [the series] as we know it.”

The as-yet-titled film will commence production in 2023, with Knight confirming that it “will be set in and shot in Birmingham.”

Its sixth season will introduce a new cast member in actor Conrad Khan, who told NME that its script is “amazing”.

“When I had my first audition, I was like ‘This is so cool that I get to read this’,” he said, “I couldn’t believe it and then when I got the part, it really was a dream come true.”

The final season will arrive after the death of the show’s co-star Helen McCrory, who played matriarch Polly Gray.

In other news, Knight confirmed last week that a second season to his 2017 BBC series Taboo has six of its eight episodes already written.

He told Collider that they “are trying to get stars aligned” to get series star and co-creator Tom Hardy “back on set”.

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