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Wasteland 3

The latest patch for Wasteland 3 will bring a permadeath mode to the game, along with a range of other upgrades and new items.

The ‘Death & Taxes’ Wasteland 3 update will provide the mode alongside many new character customisation items and a Difficult Skills Checks mode which permanently upgrades skill checks by +2.

Permadeath mode enables the usually immortal characters of Wasteland 3 to have a final health bar, which when depleted will remove them entirely from your current game. It will only be a single-player mode, disabled in multiplayer matches as it ‘just isn’t a good time’.

In the update notice posted on Steam, the Wasteland 3 devs explained this decision, saying “As much fun as is to watch your friends subjected to painful and horrific video game deaths, co-op splits the team down the middle, and one player losing everyone and then watching for (potentially) hours until the other can make it back to Ranger HQ just isn’t a good time.”

Once enabled, this mode cannot be disabled during the game, and a Game Over screen will flash upon the death of all players.

The Difficult Skill Checks mode increases skill checks by +2 up to a value of 10, meaning locked doors, charisma checks, hacking, taming animals, using weapons, and wearing certain armour will all be harder for players without significant skill points.

The update will also include the ability to re-specialise Wasteland 3′s characters at Ranger HQ at a cost (after the initial free customisations). Several new helmet designs will also be added, alongside tattoos and scar options for character builds.

The Wasteland 3 devs have promised some non-specific improvements also, writing, “ Did we mention 1.3.3 is getting a heck-ton of improvements and fixes as well? Well it is! Full patch notes will be delivered when the patch goes live next month.”

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