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It’s Quakes 25th anniversary this year and Quake Champions is celebrating it with a Summer 2021 update including the addition of one of the original 1996 Quake multiplayer maps: The Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is a direct port of the original Dark Zone from Quake 1 right down to including ’90s textures, teleporters, and the same item placements as before. The only significant differences are more fluid lighting and teleporters that glow more than before.

Other than that, it’s the same map that players will have experienced in the past. 25th Anniversary flag banners on every map will also ensure no one forgets what the occasion is.

The Quake Champions Summer 2021 update also features a series of legacy weapon skins for the Tribolt, Super Nail Gun and Railgun, along with tweaks to the game’s engine to improve performance, new HUD options, and extra audio options too. The latter means the HitBeep can change depending on the amount of damage inflicted, or simply make the same noise every time.

The update also includes new anti-tamper security methods in a bid to significantly reduce in-game cheating and exploits, plus there’s a series of general fixes to maps and general game stability.

The Dark Zone isn’t the first Quake 1 map to feature in Quake Champions with the game’s Blood Run map being based on custom map, ZTNDM3, later made official in Quake III Arena.

Free-to-play, Quake Champions is available on Steam now with the new Summer update around 3.8Gb to download. Developers, id Software is currently busy with regular Doom Eternal updates.

A recent update to Doom Eternal has seen id Software decide to cancel the game’s promised players versus player invasion mode, and instead replace it with a single-player horde combat mode.

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