Resident Evil Village

Capcom has confirmed that a new PC patch is in the works for Resident Evil Village after it was discovered that its own DRM software was the cause.

In a statement to Digital Foundry today (July 15), Capcom confirmed that Village will be receiving a PC update in the future to address issues regarding stuttering and frame rate drops.

Resident Evil Village PC players have been struggling with performance issues since the game launched in May and last week (July 10) fans in the cracking community decided to see what was causing these issues.

It was found that Capcom’s own DRM software was causing the PC issues and the game without the software was out-performing the retail launch version.

Digital Foundry put the cracked version of the game to the test and discovered that the DRM software was, in fact, the cause of the stuttering for Resident Evil Village on PC.

Capcom’s DRM software is implemented to ensure there their games aren’t pirated however, fans were unhappy with the fact that the PC version was suffering performance issues because of it.

Digital Foundry‘s investigation found that although the DRM does cause stuttering, the cracked version does not deliver an overall frame rate increase. The video also shows that the time it takes for the retail version to render a frame causes a notable pause and stutter, while there are no stutter’s in the DRM-free version.

Hopefully, Capcom will be able to resolve the issue with the next PC patch although we don’t know when it will arrive at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Capcom has announced that the upcoming online PvP multiplayer, Resident Evil RE:Verse, has been delayed until 2022.

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