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A Subway employee has been fired after trashing his workplace in a bizarre attempt to get signed by rapper Meek Mill.

YouTube personality Jumanne Way filmed himself at a Rhode Island Subway walking on sandwich fillings, throwing food and bread on the ground, and putting meat and cheese on a toilet seat.

In the since-deleted video, Way called on Meek Mill for help. “Tell Meek Mill to sign me,” he said. “Let him know, I’m trying to get signed to DreamChasers. Fuck all this Subway shit. Fuck all this Subway shit, bro. At Meek Mill, let him know I’m trying to get signed. I’m deadass. I’m done working at Subway. Deadass.”

Way then insisted that he didn’t trash the store clout. “I’m not with none of this clout-chasing shit, bro. All of this clout-chasing shit is temporary, bro. Deadass. I don’t want to do this. I really don’t want to be doing none of this,” he said, before showing the final result of his rampage.

According to TooFab, who said Way’s actions came just two months after he started working there, he also allegedly appeared “to rob the tills of cash… while criticising working for minimum wage.”

You can see a behind-the-scenes clip from the incident below:

In a statement to TooFab, Subway has since confirmed that Way has been fired following the videos.

“Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don’t condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas,” a spokesperson for the fast food chain said.

“While Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated, we have confirmed with the franchisee of this location that the employee was immediately terminated after he learned of the employee’s actions.”

Back in August, Way posted a video in which he admitted he was nervous about his interview at Subway due to having a criminal record.

“Today I have a job interview at Subway. I am a little nervous about it because I do have a criminal record, and it is hard to explain what I did and why I did it,” he said in the clip. “There’s no justification for what I’ve done, so I just hope that I am able to get the job, and maybe they don’t do a background check,” he said in the clip, which also shows his first day on the job.”

In the video, Way posted a screenshot from a 2019 North Providence Police Department Facebook post that alleges he stole electronic equipment from a T-Mobile store.

TooFab said they asked Subway if they performed a background check prior to Way’s hiring. As of today (October 25), the publication has said they are still awaiting a reply.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill recently compared the premise of the hit Netflix TV show Squid Game to “hood poverty”, claiming that it represents “the exact same thing”.

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