Geddy Lee , Big Beautiful Book of Bass

Geddy Lee has written a book about his undying love for the bass guitar.
Entitled ‘Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass’, the book will come out via HarperDesign /HarperCollins worldwide in autumn 2018.
Described as “the definitive book on the bass” that will appeal to both Rush fans and musicians and collectors, it features contributions from arts journalist Daniel Richler and Geddy’s trusted bass tech, John “Skully” McIntosh, with photography by Richard Sibbald.
The press blurb promoting the release reads: “Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass is a gorgeous, fully illustrated love letter to rock ’n’ roll’s rumbly bottom end, complete with a guided tour of Lee’s extensive vintage bass collection, personal anecdotes, observations and history, from one of the world’s most revered and beloved masters of the instrument.

Geddy Lee

“This lavishly illustrated book presents one facet of Lee’s own personal journey. The bass guitar has been his passport, his vehicle, his fuel; this book will be his account of a life lived on the stage and a view of the world he’s seen on the road.”
Alongside the standard edition, there will be a limited number of signed and numbered deluxe editions of the book available next autumn.


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