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In 2007, Hamed Babaei and Amir Khoshharf started to corporation and after several independent and unplugged performances, the first track of the band called “Slogan” which was written by Hamed is recorded.

Moreover, name of the band because of this track is selected “Slogan”. In 2015, Hamed changed name of the band to “Baramant”. Baramant is a misreading and dys-reading of the word “ Bār-e-Amānat”. Recording of the first album of the band started from December 2015.

In August 2016, the band went on the stage of Tehran university of art. The “Slogan”’s track was applied as the soundtrack on a film called “Free in Prison”. The film released in Lorsch, Germany in 2015 and also has been shown in the “Dastgah” music festival in Hannover, Germany in 2016.

Baramont went on stage of the “Independent Theater” in Tehran, in January 2017 and performed at the “Paliz Theater” in March of the year. In May 2017, Baramant’s band held a meeting in Tehran, titled “Rock Music and its Interaction with the Public Audience”, and in the event also some tracks of the band were played with the video.

In early 2017, Gantlop’s track was applied as the soundtrack of the “Unreachable” movie releasing at the “Veserburg” Museum, in Bremen, Germany over a period of three months. In August 2017, the band played at the cultural section of the Austrian embassy “ökft” in Tehran and in the presence of ambassadors from countries such as Austria and the Netherlands. In September of the year, Baramont had a performance, titled “Gantelope” at the “Darbast Platform “ of “Mohsen Gallery” in Tehran.

In August 2018, the band had a new performance at the “Darbast Platform “ of “Mohsen Gallery”, called “Deadroom”. And Performance – Live of the band with the name of “Inversion” was held in “Rooberoo Platform” in “Rooberoo mansion“ of Tehran in August 2018. So far, three single tracks of the band have been released, and soon the band’s album will be released.

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Interview with Abdi Ohadi Guitarist Aortae band

Abdi Ohadi Interview

Abdi Ohadi (born 1369 in Kerman), started playing guitar since he was 10 years old and in 1389  formed the band

Aortae with Homayoon Majdzade (Kahtmayan’s leader) and Saeed Piltan as drummer who left the band later.

1-  How did your childhood go?

I like my childhood a lot. Playing and watching cartoons and lonely times were my favorite. I was a quiet kid and

sometimes other kids would bully me which made me so sad, so I was happier alone.I’m still a kid inside.

2-  How did you form Aortae?

Aortae was the name I had in mind since high school, because of the unusual form of my own aortae . the band was

formed by the time Kahtmayan visited kerman. I composed most of the material through that time. The album

“Schizotherapy” was a series of my repressed emotions after years, I could never form the band without

Homayaoon.  Right now us two are the only members of Aortae.

3-  How do you write your songs?

Usually in the middle of the night and they totally just happen.I never said ok let’s pick up the guitar and write a

song! You always get good results while improvising.

4-  What is your favorite song among your compositions?

I’ve written lots of songs in different genres, “Still Bleeding” is so special to me and I did a cover of “Tide Is Turning”

by Roger Waters which is also my favorite.

5-  What do you think about the bands in Iran?

Personally, I think good things are about to happen. Things are getting better everyday. I’m a huge fan of

Kahtmayan and I also listen to other musicians. To me, the most important thing about an artist, is having a

character without technical complications,I seek for deep emotions,be it sadness,happiness,love or hatred.That’s

what appeals to me.Technics don’t quite work out without a nice concept behind.Also I think doing covers is a good

exercise in order to know the musical roots.

6-  What would you rather do, if you weren’t a musician ?

An author or a chef! I’m crazy about food! and I love writing a lot. Or I would be a basketball player if I could,or

maybe I’d do food testing.

7-  Do you think the meaning of mainstream has changed through times ?

Not the meaning but the place. If you check your Telegram you see everyone is so anti mainstream. Everyone is

looking for unknown artists that nobody’s ever heard of, but I don’t call the everyday musical events as mainstream

This is sad to see people have heard more Amon Amarth than Death and Andy James is more popular than Marty

Friedman. Or hardcore Camel fans don’t go beyond Rajaz and the song Stationary Traveller,or same thing about

Pink Floyd.Metallica is being punched from every side everday by those who cannot bear new different things

happening.They  go hard on the album “Hard wired to self destruct” and the performance with Lady GaGa and stuff

like that. I have my own way,I’d rather be eating a fancy meal at some old routine restaurant than having a routine

meal at some new fancy place,I might test the new fancy place and go back to it every once in a while,but my first

choice would always be that one old restaurant.

8-  If you could be a Disney character, who would you be ?

It’s the most interesting question! It’s so hard to choose cause I love them all… umm guess I’d like to be Goofy! He

has a cool character with weird adventures. He doesn’t live so logically. He also goes to beautiful places.

9-  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll be around ! trying to enjoy music more and getting better at it,with my big mind which is getting bigger



interview by Aida Zarifian

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