Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger perform during The Rolling Stones surprise set in celebration of their new album “Hackney Diamonds” at Racket NYC on October 19, 2023

The Rolling Stones have been teasing a possible 2024 tour with fans by showcasing their logo around the world.

The iconic rock band – now comprised of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood – have been teasing an upcoming announcement over the weekend with a variety of cryptic posts.

This comes as fans have noticed their famous tongue and lips logo popping up in public. For instance, in Denver, a giant red and black banner appeared showing the band’s signage displayed at the Empower Field at Mile High – home to the NFL’s Broncos.

In Cleveland, projections of the logo were seen on the Terminal Tower and at Browns Stadium, as well as billboards with the logo that read ‘Miss You’, and in Houston, a pair of famous sculptures which say “We Love Houston” were taken over to showcase the logo.

Formula One fans also spotted the tongue and lips design atop two Aston Martins that took part in the Las Vegas Grand Prix on Saturday night (November 18).

What’s more, Aston Martin’s website also made a note of the band’s involvement, saying it was to celebrate “an exciting incoming announcement by the legendary rockers.”

In Nevada, the logo also appeared on a truck that drove across the iconic Las Vegas Strip, and on Saturday the NFL team the Cleveland Browns shared a social media post, suggesting that they will be working with the band on something very soon.

On Friday (November 17), the band also teased an upcoming announcement on their Twitter/X page – showing a cryptic visual with the caption: “Want to be the first to know? Enter your details here.”

For eagle-eyed fans watching the clip, some suspect that the upcoming announcement will arrive on Tuesday (November 21) at 8am EST, and that the ambiguous range of imagery in the video alludes to a 2024 tour announcement.

The series of cryptic messages shared by the band comes just months after the rock veterans shared their 24th studio album, ‘Hackney Diamonds’, which was their first full-length LP since 2005.

Speaking with NME around the time of the long-awaited release, Ronnie Wood first teased plans to hit the road again with the band when he revealed that it is a “must” to return to Glastonbury again.

“Me, I’d love it,” he told NME. “I think it’s a must. If not next year, then”.

“If not the Stones then the Faces,” he added. “It’ll be me, Rod [Stewart] and [drummer] Kenney [Jones]. That’s not out of the question, you know. I know they want to do it…”

He also spoke more generally about the reality of touring again and showing off the new songs in a live setting, stating: “I have complete faith. We could play the whole album, you know what I mean? But [Mick and Keith] will go, ‘Oh no Ron, that’s so ambitious’. We’re not gonna forget the back catalogue. There are certain songs, ‘Paint It, Black’ and ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, that have got to be played. We’re only making room for, say, three or five songs.”

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