Valheim Hearth And Home Trailer

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, Iron Gate released an animated trailer for Valheim update Hearth And Home, revealing that the update will be releasing in less than a month.

Hearth And Home will launch on September 16 as Valheim‘s first update marked on an extensive roadmap. As well as bringing more ways to decorate and personalising in-game homes, the update will also totally revamp the food and stamina system.

As detailed earlier in the month, food will now be marked with different coloured icons to denote whether it will buff health, stamina or both.

The sometimes-vague food bar will also be removed with Hearth And Home, which will be replaced with a more specific timer system that will show exactly how long is left before players need to top up their buffs.

Hearth And Home is also going to completely change how blocking and parrying works. Players will be able to block effectively based on their maximum health, meaning there is a greater priority for the all-new food changes to be put into effect.

The more a player blocks hits with a shield, the more likely they are for an enemy to break through their guard, staggering and stunning them. Alongside these changes to the blocking system, the update will bring a “significant buff” to shields, which will have “a lot more knockback on larger shields.

Meanwhile, the buckler will now be able to parry enemy attacks entirely, though Iron Gate notes that normal-sized round shields will “continue to be a balanced choice for the standard fighter”.

In other news, a new trailer for ‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard‘ has revealed an extended gameplay demo showcasing sniper Polina Petrova’s stealthy battle through a war-torn and Nazi-occupied Stalingrad.

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