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Stand-up comedian Bob Saget has apologised after he blocked a number of Car Seat Headrest fans on Twitter.

The incident that sparked the social media situation began over a decade ago, when Car Seat Headrest mastermind Will Toledo released his album ‘4’, including a song called ‘The Ghost Of Bob Saget’, a reference to Asscastle, a comic created by a friend of Toledo’s.

In relation to the comic, which had Saget’s ghost as a character, Toledo sang in the song:  “Last night, I was haunted by the ghost of Bob Saget/ He said ‘You’re more or less than just a f***t’ / I put on a dress and followed him to heaven / But first, I gave him a blowjob outside the 7-Eleven.”

Over the past few days, the song has resurfaced online and fans have been discussing it on Twitter. As a result, many of them tweeted about how they were then blocked by Saget.

After the news of Saget blocking the fans led his name to begin trending on Twitter, the comedian apologised for the act, and sent well-wishes to Car Seat Headrest.

“Apologies to all the people I’ve blocked over the years,” he tweeted yesterday (August 16). Just can only let positive stuff in.

“If I could block myself I would. And sending Car Seat Headrest my very best.”

In response, Toledo tweeted from the Car Seat Headrest account: “Bob, you were in a comic my friend wrote a while ago! From there, it became a whole thing.”

Car Seat Headrest released their latest album, ‘Making A Door Less Open’, last year via Matador. Reviewing the album upon its release, NME wrote: “Toledo’s band have pulled into new areas with sophistication. Will this collection alienate meat-and-potatoes fans, as that knowing album title suggests? Perhaps – but it’s unlikely the band will care. Far from experiencing growing pains, Car Seat seem to have had a lot of fun here.”

Since then, the band have released two companion EPs to the album – a remix EP, and various covers of songs that influenced the album.

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