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Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers has shared a proper studio recording of her cover of John Prine‘s ‘Summer’s End’, which she first performed soon after the country singer’s death in April.

The recording was broadcast on SiriusXM last week for the station’s SiriusXMU Sessions series. Listen to the cover below:

Bridgers has performed a handful of covers this year, including a rendition of Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day of My Life’, a performance of The 1975’s ‘Girls’ and Conor Oberst’s ‘Mamah Borthwick (a Sketch)’ for charity.

The singer’s second studio album, ‘Punisher’ was released earlier this month, a day earlier than its expected release date. NME gave the record a five-star review, labelling it as “atmospheric indie with an undercurrent of anxiety”.

During her cover interview with NME, Bridgers said ‘Punisher’ was released during a time of uncertainty and solitude, which only brings out the album’s themes more.

“On the album I’m grappling a lot with my inability to be grateful for the moment, and this is definitely forcing us to live in the moment,” she explained.

“There is no future to speak of – even though there is, we won’t know what that looks like yet.”

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