Rick Ross (Photo by Romain Maurice/Getty Images)

Rick Ross has gone viral for throwing a fat stack of bills on a clubgoer’s face.

The rapper made the money shot last Friday night (January 12), where he was the guest performer at E11Even Miami. The viral video shows a man in the audience tossing some bills in the air. Some of bills landed on Ross as he got to the stage, who looked unimpressed.

In response, Ross tucked his mic under his arm, split a thick wad of cash and hurled it at the man’s face – to his apparent delight. Watch the moment below:

Last December, Ross announced his intentions to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in “early 2024”. The rapper has been training since the beginning of 2023 for the momentous occasion, saying that he Ross, who shared a video of him running and training for next year’s ascent, said he was “getting in the best shape of our lives [for this].

“Promise I won’t fall out on you muthafuckas.”

Ross’ Kilimanjaro challenge follows after he opened up about his lean addiction and partying habits. Referencing the aftermath of his 2018 heart attack, Ross said: “I had to make some big changes,” he admitted. “I still don’t sleep. I’m a partier. I’m gonna be that way till I die. I’ve tried taking things to help, but it’s useless. The medicine that I take now is for seizures and shit like that. I partied hard.”

In other news, Ross said he was “interested” in signing Kanye West to his label.

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